My Latest Trip Around The Sun

My Latest Trip Around The Sun

“Good friends we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost, along the way. In this bright future you can’t forget your past
So dry your tears I say”

Today, more than ever, as I thank you all for all your birthday messages I am probably in a more reflective mood than usual. 2019 started on a sad note for many of us with the loss of our friend, our brother James Oduor Cobra, something that has really reinforced my world view of life. So allow me to share a few things with y’all. I guess this is the point where I should say LONG POST ALERT.

I’m worried about the future, not my own specifically, but our collective future. I worry not because I have nothing better to do, but because I sense that as humans, as friends, as people sharing this spiritual adventure called life we are losing the capacity to love each other.

All around us, we are told to embrace the “subtle art of not giving a f–k”, we are being told that “I don’t need you, so don’t need me” .. many people are spending their lives in fear of being “cancelled” Many people are facing battles that they take on alone because in this climate, at this moment, we need to be “strong” and any admission of the need for help is seen as an admission of weakness.

With the influence of social media and other so many other factors, many people are facing struggles with self that weren’t there 20 years ago. I miss the days when we liked our friends more than we “liked” their social media posts. The world is a dark place for some of the people who have the brightest smiles on their faces. Now when we ask “how you doing?” we might as well be saying “I am about to ask you a question, I really don’t care about the answer because I’m dealing with my own stuff”

Then, when it all goes pear shaped, we lament, we wish we could have done more, we didn’t see the signs…

Life isn’t infinite, life isn’t guaranteed, beyond the now, beyond this minute, this moment, life makes us no promises and makes no commitment to us and since that is true, we owe it to ourselves and those around us to resonate on our highest vibration. When we live from a position of light, we influence those around. We may never know the lives we are shaping just by living our passion and embracing our purpose. Who are we to not give f–k? 

We need to be gentle with ourselves and with those around us. The tribe that we create, we must love and care for them as much as we care for ourselves. A true friend cares for your mental, spiritual and physical well being as much as they care for their own. Why else are we here?

We need to learn to love again, as cool as not giving a fuck may sound, we need to start giving them because this life journey is more palatable when you care. 

I’m not perfect, I don’t have it all worked out and I have been guilty of failing to embrace the very values I’ve written about. In own defence I will say this, everything I’ve done, every thing I do, is from a place of passion. The love I have for my tribe, my family, my peeps is real, is genuine and comes from a place that wants to see everyone win wholistically. To those I have failed, I am sorry and to those I have inspired, I say thank you for allowing me to play my part.

So as I start another journey around the sun, if I could have one birthday wish, it would be that we rediscover what it is to love each other and that we lose the notion that love, despite all its vulnerability, is weakness.

Wherever you are, you are enough, you’re doing the best you can and it’s okay …

So as you wish me Happy Birthday, I wish you love.

Thank you.

Walk good.


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  • Bree
    February 19, 2019 9:10 pm

    Thank you for this “Wherever you are, you are enough, you’re doing the best you can and it’s okay …”


  • Mugambi George
    March 3, 2019 1:52 pm

    Very true. God bless

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