Incarcerated Souls Have No Peace

Incarcerated Souls Have No Peace

This afternoon, I’m chilling at my desk with my headphones listening to an old mix I did 3 years ago. It’s amazing when you go back to an old mix and you hear the songs you were playing back then. Music truly is a language. Anyway, a song came on called “Gonna Make It Thru” which is done by an artists that I used to push back in the UK called Waricko. It features Ms. Dynamite and a female vocalist called Selah and basically its a very uplifting song.  As I was listening, I heard a line that goes “Incarcerated souls have no peace” and it hit me. What does that even mean?

Incarcerated means being locked up. As a black man that grew up in the UK with spells in the Caribbean I didn’t need a dictionary to work that out. Your soul is you, your inner being, the god force that makes us all different. It’s maybe the most important component of who we are. How does something that is so ethereal get incarcerated? Is this even possible? So I thought about.

Our souls get locked up when we don’t live from a position of truth. This might sound lofty, in fact, what is a position of truth. Truth is knowing that you are worthy and believing this. Truth is making sure that no one that you come across you leaves with a negative experience. Truth is dealing with every one of God’s creations from a position of love. Truth is being you.

Now obviously, we know that not everyone deserves your love, we know that you can’t go through life like a Mother Theresa trying to save everyone. We also know that sometimes we all feel unworthy, it’s human.

Our default settings are what will make or break us, how we react to external stimuli is what will define us and how we react to things will be affected by how we treat and respect ourselves. We have to cultivate strong values and live our truth if we want to avoid purgatory of the soul. Once our soul is jailed, it becomes hard to live, hard to breathe and hard to achieve and fulfill our potential.

There are people living in internal turmoil as they seek freedom of their souls, not knowing that they are the key holders.


Free your soul and the rest will follow.