Human Beings Are Destined to Radiate or Drain..

Human Beings Are Destined to Radiate or Drain..

It is said there are 5 stages of grief and loss that we go through we mourn the passing of a loved one. There is Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Having lost many close friends and loved ones, I subscribe to this whole heartedly. We all experience or will experience these emotions when someone or something we love dies. We may not experience all of them, or in any particular order, but the basics will remain the same, we are, after all, human.

Although these stages of grief are usually associated with death, more and more I am beginning to think that they are also useful when examining our friendships and relationships. We are social animals and as such, the sense of community is something that all of us need to exist. “No man is an island” is perhaps one of the truest phrases to ever be coined. We need each other to survive.

Nothing lasts forever though.

Music has always been a part of life and I think that it’s a way that God speaks to us. At every moment of our existence, there will be a song that reflects our journey, from the cradle to the grave, there is a song that speaks the language of the situation we are going through. God speaks to us through music I am sure. This Ed Sheeran line for example

“Gave you all my energy and I took away your pain. Coz human beings are destined to radiate or drain” – Save Myself

Human beings are destined to radiate or drain. Damn. Are those the only choices? It’s like going into a restaurant and only seeing two choices on the menu, that’s depressing! But maybe its true. Maybe we only have two types of people in our lives, those that radiate and those that drain. I think in all friendships there are only two real paths. I think some friendships are positive, with some bad times that make you appreciate the good times even more. Those friendships last because essentially they are positive. The other type is when the friendship is negative and draining, but has little moments of positivity that lead you into a false sense of security. You hold onto those moments, hoping negative will turn into positive. It usually doesn’t.

This is where I think the 5 stages of grief come in handy. We need to analyze our circle and figure out which associations are building us and which are draining us and it goes both ways, who are you building and who are you draining? It’s a sobering thought, because usually we see ourselves as positive people, but could it be that there is someone out there who your type of friendship is draining.

When we see our energy being depleted, we must act. We have to be honest and end all associations that are harming us. Like the 5 stages of grief, we can deny, we can get angry, we can bargain, we can get depressed, but essentially, we must accept. Accept that not everything or everyone is in good for us.

We don’t like to look at ourselves objectively. It hurts. I just think that life is too short for anything that takes away your energy. I also think it’s hard to discern, sometimes, between the relationships that are negative with good moments and the relationships that are positive with negative moment. I do believe though, that if we listen to our spirits, the answer will present itself.

Save yourself today.