You Need a Smart Cars … To, Er, Talk To Your Smart Homes …

You Need a Smart Cars … To, Er, Talk To Your Smart Homes …

We told you that lazy humans are capable of anything, now look what they’ve done!

So Ford, which owns more than 15 million Sync-equipped vehicles on the road today wants to sync your car and your home to talk to each other, like literally.

The plan is to connect its Sync smart car technology with with a smart home application from Amazon and Wink. There’s quite a lot of tech talk into it which I won’t get into.


Once the integration has been done, the Sync AppLink on your car in connection to the smart home technology will be used to REMOTELY:

– Open a garage

– Unlock your front door

– And turn on the house lights, among other things.

Wait, that’s not all, you can also REMOTELY:

– Unlock your car doors and turn on the ignition from your very own living room, among other things.

Amazon Echo, a hands-free device equipped with seven microphones, runs the Alexa software in order to function as a personal assistant. It plays music; delivers audio news, weather and sports reports; answers a broad variety of questions; and works with various connected home services to control lights and other functions in response to voice commands.

How “smart” can this world get? Sigh…

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January 13th, 2016

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