Sometimes We Need A Helping Hand … Today I Need Your Help

Sometimes We Need A Helping Hand … Today I Need Your Help


I met Njambi Koikai in the most unlikely of places … at a kiosk in Baricho Rd, in the heart of Nairobi’s Industrial Area. I was there buying some Marble cake, she came over introduced herself and starting laughing, so I asked her whats up? She replied “I can’t believe you flown in from the UK to work here and here you are buying cake from a kiosk!” (At that time I didn’t know that “media people” weren’t supposed to eat at kiosks …) We became great friends, and this was fuelled by her love for reggae music and by extension her love for my culture. As our friendship grew, so did our commitment to our careers and we became busier and busier so we caught up less and less, but I’d always get that random call “Fatboy, wha gwaan?” You know when you get those calls from people whom you know you should have called first and you answer, almost expecting an earful of abuse, but there’s nothing more abusive than “Fatboy, wha gwaan?”

When my grandmother passed away 4 years ago, Njambi understood immediately what I was going through because, like me, she was raised by her grandmother and as anyone can attest, ain’t nothing like a grandmother’s love and her condolences meant a lot to me. I don’t speak much about that period of my life because I really don’t know how I held it together, but with the help of so many people here, I did.

A few years ago, I was heading to Jamaica and Njambi invited me to her crib where she lives with her grandmothers, to be honest, I planned to spend 30 mins and ended up spending several hours there playing music on vinyl and meeting her Grandma. Cucu came out, all dressed up and polite because her grand daughter had a guest. (you know the way our parents dress up when they have guests) I played music, had a bite and tried to speak to cucu but couldn’t because my swahili sucked (still does) and she doesn’t speak english. Despite this language barrier though, one thing that was so evident that day was the love between Njambi and her cucu. In this day and age of nursing homes and kids who only go home at Christmas, it was so powerful seeing pure love, right there in front of me. It was an amazing experience. The next day I headed to Jamaica.

A few weeks ago, Njambi called me in tears, she said she was sorry to call me but she needed to talk and she called me (I’m glad you did by the way) , Cucu had been unwell and after much misdiagnosis, finally the oncologist had just called her and broken the news, grandma had pancreatic cancer. I was numb. What do you say.

Cancer isn’t tribal, politcal, racist or choosy. It also isn’t cheap.

My mother passed away when I was 4, I was raised by my aunt and my grandmother. In 2011 I lost my aunt after a long and painful battle with Cancer. When I went home for the funeral,  my grandmother’s first words to me were “I don’t think I can live without her”, see, my aunt was the apple of my grandma’s eyes and no parent wants to bury their child. My grandmother buried 4 of hers and I guess she had had enough, 3 months later, we buried her. My life changed.

When I think of Njambi and her Cucu and the battle they are facing I can’t help but hurt, because I know that it’s an uphill battle. But its a battle that can be won, but we need your help. I’m not that person who likes to ask for help, my pride is too much, but I have seen this story, as we all have, so many times and it doesn’t get any easier. I know we are all tired of internet and social media appeals, if fact, if you said that you didn’t care right now, I could understand. But humbly I ask you to care. I humbly ask you to help me to help my friend. I probably will never be in a position to pay you back so I know its a big ask, but still I ask. Any contribution, big or small will help. There is an MPESA Paybill number 315888 and the Account Name is Njambi Koikai. Help me spread the word too.

Here are some pictures from todays fundraiser, we had a great time.

IMG_0918       IMG_0919


IMG_0913       IMG_0916


If you can, help us please.

G Money

Jan 16th 2012 – 8.58pm


Jedi Master T

January 16th, 2016

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