When People Get Emotional Over Emojis

When People Get Emotional Over Emojis

So there you are, in the middle of a heated conversation in your Whatsapp group and someone says something that cannot be responded to with words. We all know that at times like that only an Emoji will do. All of us have that emoji that we overuse. Whether its a laughing face or a crying face. A monkey or a frog, we all emoji – a lot.

According to Wikipedia. Emojis were invented in the late 90’s in Japan which may explain why they usually have yellow faces. Political correctness dictated that by 2016, users had the option to have dark faces as well.

Then this happened.




“A DC based company has come up with a way to help Africans join in on the emjoi fun.” – That’s what the press release says.

Apparently we weren’t enjoying using emoji’s before. I find this whole emoji debate hilarious for one simple reason. Is it really that serious? There are real problems in the world (ask Beyonce) Black Emoji’s or african emojis, in my humble opinion just isn’t one of them. I am all for equality, but I don’t think i’ll ever worry about how black my emoji’s are.

What’s your favourite emoji?



Jedi Master T

February 10th, 2016

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