When I First Met Kanye West…

When I First Met Kanye West…

I’m going to be honest with you on this one. When I first met Kanye West was during Graduation. I couldn’t believe it but he came up to me, sat right next to me and was like “Good Morning”. I didn’t know what to say. I mean I was literally muzzled. I never thought that he’d ever talk to me like at ALL! Kanye then introduced me to a whole new perspective of the world than how I viewed it. He told me that sometimes, life takes you Through The Wire to make you discover your dreams. Drunk And Hot Girls won’t take you nowhere.

The irony of it all is that, he insisted on how much I had to go through Graduation despite him being a College Dropout which made me wonder what exactly he was doing at the grounds as it was eminent he wasn’t he amongst the graduates. But how did he get the gown? I said nothing. All I did was listen…

Through his simple yet profound talks with sounds of lyricism he made me realise how much of a Champion I was – for that that don’t kill you, can only make you Stronger.

Through our last talks last month, he opened up to me about The Life Of Pablo and the very first thing that struck me… Was an Ultralight Beam…

I don’t think I can ever turn back. It was surely a God dream.


Kylo Rendition

March 3rd, 2016

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