Welcome Back Craig David

Welcome Back Craig David

Southhampton’s finest export is BACK like he’d never left. In the early 2000s, through hits like “7 Days”, “Walking Away” and many more, Craig David ruled the music scene in the UK. Like many UK artists, he turned his gaze to America and some could say in doing so he lost the connection he had with his UK fans. He’s just said to a new record deal with Insanity Records – a joint venture between Sony UK and independent company Speakerbox. He’s also had his first UK Top 20 hit for a decade. “When the Bassline Drops” which features Grime MC Big Narstie sounds like it could have dropped in the late nineties at the Coliseum in Vauxhall, South London, the spiritual sunday night home of the UK Garage scene back then.


One thing that Craig has going in his favour is that he’s a really nice guy. As in, for those who  have had the pleasure of interacting with him over the year, Craig is one of music realest cats, a genuine good guy. We wish him all the best

Jedi Master T

January 26th, 2016

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