We Apologize on Behalf Of Sauti Sol

We Apologize on Behalf Of Sauti Sol

Let’s call a spade a spade, Sauti Sol have lost their minds and on their behalf we would like to issue the following apology.

We apologize for the following:

  1. For them refusing to be mediocre artists, in an industry of mediocrity, how dare they try be creative?
  2. We apologize for them refusing to make songs solely about getting “dirunk” and dandia-ing kama mats” or (something like that)
  3. We wholeheartedly apologize for them winning awards and making international strides in the name of African music
  4. We apologize for every award they’ve ever won.
  5. We apologize for them actually releasing albums as opposed to releasing singles ad infinitum.
  6. We apologize for them pushing the boundaries of stage performance and attire, I mean, who needs a stylist? They should wear ill fitting oversized/undersized clothes like everyone else right?
  7. We apologize that they promoted their album and actually launched it
  8. We apologize that they didn’t have an August Alsina collaboration.
  9. We apologize that they get that corporate money

But most of all, we apologize that they continue to shine in an industry and country that actually wouldn’t mind if they failed.


Is everyone happy now?

Jedi Master T

December 28th, 2015



  1. kayvokrome says:

    s/o G-MONEY

  2. prerston kenya says:


  3. fifi says:

    mudigi though in that pic looks like he is wearing a bra…maybe the lighting was just off, but their attire should be sent to fashion police on LAMBO. we love their music, its so on point, kwanza shake yo bum bum, but those things nooooooo!!!!!!!! we have to tell the truth when it matters else we shall be letting the “king” walk around naked

  4. Anto Neosoul says:

    AMEN .We apologize. Deeply. Wait and see how Kenyans won’t get this article.

  5. Maria says:

    Yes i feel this too.why so many haters?there are so many people always waiting like vultures 4 them to fail.yes am talking 2 u @_masaku & @johnnygachanja

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