Uber Is Here To Stay, Adapt or Die. Simple …

Uber Is Here To Stay, Adapt or Die. Simple …

I sometimes think that in life there are people who could pick a fight in an empty room, people who just like to fight and argue and get involved in unnecessary strife, a bit like Diego Costa. At the centre of these  “fights” you hear phrases like “justice” and “exploitation” being thrown around. I was reminded about this with the recent Uber conversation currently taking place in Kenya.

Now for those we don’t know, Uber is a super efficient way of getting around most of the world’s civilized cities. It’s based upon an app on your phone, that sends out a ping at your request, that then summons the nearest Uber driver to come and solve your lack of transport issues. Sounds like a great idea right? And it really is, however, there is one group of people who aren’t very happy …




You guessed it … Taxi Drivers.

Taxi Drivers globally aren’t happy with Uber because it’s had the temerity to “disrupt” their industry. Now lets get to the facts. For any person of colour whom has been ignored by Black Cab drivers in London, or for anyone (of any colour!) who has been verbally abused by a New York Yellow Cab driver, Uber is liberating. Liberating because now we have the power! We decide the type of car we want, we summon the car, when we want and now we even pay how we want. The passenger is king. Added to that Uber is much cheaper than regular taxis.

This, it seems, is where the problem is. UBER IS MUCH CHEAPER. Yes. Cheaper. Less Money. Better Value .. You catch my drift .. The Taxi Driver expect us, the consumer, to pay more for an outdated method of securing their services. We should pay more for “Loyalty” What nonsense is this?? What is even dumber than that are some of the social media responses in support of the taxi drivers. One person said something along the lines of “would you support Uber if you had taken a bank loan to buy a taxi and were now struggling to meet your loan payments” – I don’t think I have read a more ridiculous tweet in my life. Another person asked “Does Uber pay its taxes?” – As if Uber just walks into a country as a Global Brand and opens up business. If I had a taxi, paid for by a bank loan – I would serious consider getting it into the Uber fleet or even the Easy Taxi fleet here in Kenya. You cannot win this battle. Technology has won, adapt or die.

I got tired of paying Ksh 10’000 plus for my DSTV service so I found ways to get the same content cheaper. My Hulu and Netflix streaming packages, plus my NBC Sports Access cost me less than Ksh 2000 a month. I already had fast internet so I am saving KSH 8000. The point i’m making is, that as a consumer, I will alway look for ways to find what I want at better prices. It really is as simple as that. That’s why I Uber.

The decline of the Taxi Industry is no different from the impact that low cost airlines had on the the bigger airlines when they introduced lower fares. More people travelled because it became affordable. Uber puts me in control, full stop.

I have a cab driver whom I have used for 8 years, we are actually friends now. I hadn’t seen him for a while and he took me to the airport recently, I told him I had been using Uber and advised him to get his car on it or Easy Taxi. I really hope he does.



Jedi Master T

January 26th, 2016

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