Today’s WTF moment and it’s NOT Kim Kardashian’s fault.

Today’s WTF moment and it’s NOT Kim Kardashian’s fault.

Let me start by saying that being pro black doesn’t make anyone anti-white, but I’m tired. I’m so tired. 

I grew up in London in the 80’s – I know what racism feels like. Thank God that that society has moved on in many regards. It’s not extinct and it can still be very subtle. 

Which brings me to “Boxer Braids” …. Today’s “What The F–k” moment. The press in the UK love Kim Kardashian’s “Boxer Braids”  and to be honest. She looks amazing rocking them 

But wait aren’t they just cornrows?  Stop the press and I hate to be a party pooper. But aren’t these cornrows. You know, those things we all went through during the summer months when our Afros were too much stress for our parents to deal with. Aren’t those motherf–king CORNROWS or as we say in Jamaica CANEROWS! 

Queen Latifah from the movie “Set it off”- 1996 (yes nineteen-ninety f–king six)

I am sick, so sick of OUR culture being appropriated to fit right wing newspapers like the Daily Mail. Our language, our music and so much more is continually eroded to suit the palate of white folk. It pisses me off. We are so sharing of the few cultural assets that we have and time after time we see them taken from under our very noses. It’s just a hairstyle, but it’s cultural disrespect, I mean ….


You may think I’m exaggerating, but they’ll go gunning for the Jherri Curl next! 

Jedi Master T

February 23rd, 2016

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