The Price of Honesty

The Price of Honesty

A few weeks ago my co host Calvin came to the studio and told me about an encounter he had had with a former university classmate who had fallen into the abyss of drug abuse. The young man had approached him for money in town and seeing his disheveled appearance initially he ignored him and walked by till his conscience got the best of him and he turned back and took the street kid for a meal. 

They spent an hour eating and talking and parted ways. 

Two weeks ago I was in the CBD getting my haircut. When I left the barbers, I was standing around Stanbic Bank waiting for an uber with a pal of mine. A street kid came up to me and asked for some money to get something to eat. He actually said “Hey G Money, help me with something small to eat something” – I only had 200 shillings in cash so I gave it to him and watched as he crossed the road. Then my Uber arrived. 

 Today we came across a story in one of the tabloid websites of a street kid who had found 200,000 shillings in a wad of notes. Someone had been rushing to a bank and dropped the money. The kid chased the guy down to return the money. At first the person was intimidated and only spoke to the urchin when safely at the entrance of the bank where there was Security. That’s when the street kid returned the money, every shilling intact. Not a cent missing. The guy was obviously grateful. 

The security guards took a picture of the street kid and asked him why he had returned the money. The kid replied “it could have been money for school fees or hospital bills” By the time the man came out of the bank the young man had vanished. His story was then published on the website today. 

When Calvin showed me the guys picture on the website he told me “remember that guy I told you about last year this is him” – When I looked at the picture, it was the same guy who had asked me for money to buy food when I was in town two weeks ago…

To say my mind is working overtime is an understatement. How do we help this guy and other like him? Calvin tells me he has a degree in IT. This is heartbreaking. 

Another thing that I got from this story is the question of honesty. Despite this young mans circumstances. Despite everything that has been thrown at him in life. Despite the street living. Despite the drugs. Despite all of this. His innate honesty shone through. How much drugs could he have bought with that money? 

How many of us have people who are dishonest  to us everyday? How many of us are dishonest everyday? How many whatsapp groups are we in with friends who talk good game but are dishonest in terms of how they plan to get ahead, dishonest in their family lives?  What is our excuse for our own dishonesty, when our lives are nowhere as desperate as this young mans life is. As in a street kid showing more honesty than our friends and leaders?  Showing more honesty than ourselves …. This is why the earth is fucked up. We waste our time by having our priorities all over the place. Wasting time on things and people that  are ultimately dishonest.  Sometimes we are even dishonest to ourselves. 

Today is a tipping point for me. A life lesson taught by a homeless, drug addict with a degree in IT and a masters in honesty. Vincent Omondi I hope that life looks up for you. I’ll be looking out for you. 

Jedi Master T

March 8th, 2017



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