The New Business… Is Having A Beard

The New Business… Is Having A Beard

It’s no longer a secret, mens’ beards have now become a booming business! Well, not really, but yes.

In this time and age, men are now spending as much time and money grooming their hair as women.

As for clean shaved men who think that having a beard is low maintenance, think again! The “rugged look” may appear to be a cheap lifestyle but trust me, I’ve seen many men actually spend countless hours and money to keep their beard looking just right. Like my boss, not to mention names.

The 21st century dude has gone to an extent of spending thousands of shillings on a beard transplant. Cool right?

Men are now buying new products such as beard oils, balms, combs, shampoos and conditioners. This does not mean you’re guy, don’t get it wrong.

Having a clean long beard has now become the new “sexy, manly” look.

The beard has become a business, and as long as guys are still sporting the manly look you better believe business will be booming.

Today’s beard mantra , ‘Keep a beard, maintain it!’ Peace.

Kylo Rendition

January 19th, 2016

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