Special Feature: Wearable Technology, Nike FuelBand.

Special Feature: Wearable Technology, Nike FuelBand.

It’s all about making fitness a lifestyle, right?

So yesterday, we featured Wearable Technology, Fitbit and its merits. Today we look at, the Nike FuelBand. I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty about the fitness band, we’ll go straight to the point.

Well, the Nike FuelBand is an activity tracker worn on the wrist (as you can see) and is to be used with an Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Let’s just do a quick assessment on what the band does. The FuelBand allows its wearers to:

– Set their daily fitness goals.

– Track their physical activity.

– Track steps taken daily.

– Track amount of energy burned through the day.

– And monitor their progression and compare themselves to others on the Nike+ online community.



The information from the wristband is then integrated into the Nike+ online community and phone application where you can choose to share your fitness results and goals with others.

For those who’d want to purchase it, it goes for approximately $44 (Converted, Kshs. 4,400) and the cheapest one is about $20.5 (about Kshs. 2,050) which if you asked me, is a good investment. Who wants to keep on going to the doctors all the time coz of something that YOU can handle?

I mean, it’s all about that fitness life, right?


Kylo Rendition

March 2nd, 2016

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