She Makes It Easier to Talk To God

She Makes It Easier to Talk To God

Yes, I’ve been missing. Yes, I stopped blogging, Yes, I am guilty of not having a commitment to the commitment I made of writing daily. I used to write a lot but let me not bore you with tales of what I used to do. I stopped writing and now I am going to try and start again. So much has happened since I fought with a gecko and my conscience a few months ago. The fragility of this thing called life has manifested itself numerous times in between these posts. Prince died.

Today, I am at home in Atlanta, watching old interviews and listening to some of the many gems that Prince left us. I just watched an interview in did with Oprah in 1996. It gave a rare insight into the man, into his expression of music and also into his perception of what love is.

During the interview, Prince introduces us to his then wife Mayte Garcia and when asked by Oprah what difference she has made in his life, the purple one said “She makes it easier to talk to God” ….. Pause, read that again, and read it once more sure make sure you understand it. Got it? Cool, let’s move on.

“She makes it easier to talk to God”


Just wanted to make sure that you got it.

This line hit me on many levels, first of all, what a beautiful expression of love. If God represents the highest denomination of love, then someone that provides a conduit to the Source is truly remarkable. Beyond that though, how many people around you make it easier to talk to God? Do your friends, does your inner circle, your kitchen cabinet, do any of these people make it easier to talk to God? I think that people should be in your life on an add value basis and it should be mutual. Too many of us are wasting time on people and things that move us no closer to maximizing our potential. In my own circle, without putting my friends on blast, sometimes it’s easier to get people to go drinking on a week night than it is to get them to attend a meeting which could eventually make us dough. (Sorry guys, but y’all know it’s true)

I didn’t want my return post to be too preachy so I’ll stop there, but ask yourself do the people around you make it easier to talk to God? or are they stumbling blocks, hindering you from attaining the critical mass and movement necessary to move to the next level.





Jedi Master T

June 17th, 2016

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