Of News Anchors and Drunk Rappers – A Love Story

Of News Anchors and Drunk Rappers – A Love Story

Once upon, a news anchor thought it would be good to bring a drunk rapper onto a “news” programme. Surprise surprise, the rapper misbehaved. All of a sudden the drunk rapper was castigated for behaving like a “drunk rapper. The news anchor found it stressful and uncomfortable that the rapper behaved like a “drunk rapper” Her husband got mad and launched a twitter tirade about a “drunk rapper” behaving like, er, a “drunk rapper”

The drunk rapper allegedly woke up the next morning wondering where he was and how he had gotten there, then went to the studio and recorded a hit record that had come to him in a dream.  The punchline was “I make more news than the news..” All of a sudden every journalist wanted to interview him and he became a star, then one Friday, he was invited to an interview on a local TV channel …

and that Friday, the Trend continued ….

Jedi Master T

January 9th, 2016

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