Of a Philosophy and Process – Manchester United Fan speaks out! – Guest Post

Of a Philosophy and Process – Manchester United Fan speaks out! – Guest Post

Every Monday, we will be inviting readers of the blog to rant about anything to do with anything. Today’s rant is from a disgruntled Manchester United fan called Lee.

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Of a Philosophy and Process

The problem with Man Utd is 24 goals in 20 games, and that for the biggest club in English football, is just not good enough! That it took 70+ mins to register the first shot on target against a 3rd division team at Old Trafford is not really that shocking to be honest, it’s been the norm this season. I guess that’s the ghost ‘philosophy’ and ‘process,’  (hate those two words right now) insipid displays, pass the ball sideways, no urgency in attacks. Defenders must relish playing against United because it doesn’t look like a team that’s interested in scoring. The problem is that this authoritarian management focuses on balance, not on allowing players to express themselves because ‘it Matas’ to keep the shape Juan’: This stops the other teams from creating chances at the expense of creating anything meaningful ourselves. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Mr. Darth Stare (LVG) , I mean death stare, is the problem at United, but wait, let’s give him some more time to bore us to death because Xavi, Iniesta – remember them, smh!

Lee – Nairobi

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Jedi Master T

January 11th, 2016



  1. Irene says:

    Great article and as a United fan ( i hate this) but I agree 100% with Lee.. We do not need time. HE NEEDS TO GO!! Ain’t nobody got time for Philosophies that are not working

  2. Eric says:

    I agree with Lee. All United does is play same pattern; Carrick passes to Schweinsteiger who passes it back to Carrick, who passes to Jones; who passes to Smalling; who passes back to De Gea; who clears it to Fellaini.It was so Embarrassing to see fans dozing at Old Trafford and others leave early only for LVG to shamelessly say they left early to beat traffic.

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