Netflix vs Football Is The Only Show in Town

Netflix vs Football Is The Only Show in Town

By now you have heard that Netflix has launched globally and this is supposed to be big news and it kinda is if you’re a series or a movie buff. As we write, all over the world people are supposedly cancelling their VPN accounts and reconfiguring the DNS settings on their Smart TV’s. In Africa, the conversation is how will this affect the continents biggest satellite TV provider DSTV? A premium subscription on DSTV is approximately 100 USD, meanwhile a Premium Netflix account will set you back 11 USD. It’s a no brainer right? Well, not quite, here’s why.

  1.  Internet – Netflix needs a stable and decent internet connection which could easily cost you 50 USD per month (and your patience if your residential ISP provider is a bad as ours
  2. DSTV offer LIVE Programming – also known as football..


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And that basically what it comes down to. If all you want is series and movies and you already have good net speeds, chances are you that already know where to download the content you like, you also probably know where to watch the live stuff you like online (aka Football) – For you Netflix is a nice idea, but not essential. The fact that DSTV has live events (aka Football) is the reason it will survive … For now but they should be too complacent, because in the urban town centres in Africa, we are coming across more and more people watching football via online streams. So for now, the demise of DSTV is a tad premature.




Jedi Master T

January 7th, 2016

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