Leicester City FC Need to Behave Themselves – Updated

Leicester City FC Need to Behave Themselves – Updated

The audacity of Leicester City FC knows no bounds. How dare they sit atop the English Premier League with 14 games to go? What sort of nonsense is this? To add insult to injury, that numbskull James Vardy’s goal against Liverpool earlier this week may well be a contender for goal of the season. The problem with teams like Leicester is that they actually are a TEAM and that is terrible for football. Modern football thrives on individual brilliance, not team work. We prefer the Aguero show or the Messi show or the Ozil show. How dare Leicester City buck the trend and actually play as a team.


What is even more sickening is their fixture list towards the end of the season, obviously the powers that be at the FA have conspired to make it as easy for them as possible, someone really wants Leicester to win. They probably will use phrases like “break from the norm”‘ “breathe of fresh air” and “good for football” and things like that. They have no knowledge of what makes us football fans happy.


Claudio Raineri, in his usual confused manner, when asked by the press this week whether Leicester could win the league replied “I’d like to say: ‘Yes we can!’ But I am not Obama,” Typical Ranieri, we don’t want realistic managers in the Premier League, we want Wenger types and monoliths like Mourinho and  Pep. Leicester winning the league will be the worst thing to happen to “football” in this Premier League Era….

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

UPDATE: Leicester are currently leading Man City 1-3 at the Etihad. I’m done with football LOL.

Jedi Master T

February 5th, 2016

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One Comment

  1. Duncan Njora says:

    If they win, I will be happy for them. I mean, winning the EPL has never been easy. It takes all the aspects of the game i.e great saves, well timed tackles, decisive passes and taking chances in the opponents box. Leicester have done all that. Mark you everyone has been taking them for granted all through yet they still find a way to stay on top. So G, I feel if they win it they deserve it.

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