I Tried To Call You Yesterday Rich

I Tried To Call You Yesterday Rich

I tried to call you yesterday Rich, I was sitting in News Cafe in Kilimani, Nairobi, with DJ Mikey from SA, we were discussing revenue streams that music streaming would bring to the continent. I said to Mikey “I know someone who needs to involved” and I called you. I called you, as I would do often. Sometimes it was about music and the business of music, sometimes it would just be about life.

Rich, we made plans man. I told you about the first time I went to Ghana and you told me to go to Kumasi. In fact your exact words were:

“You’re at home G, not being corny, travel to the slave forts, travel to Kumasi and take your shoes off and walk on the soil … there is something in the ground that feeds the place, feeds you and fed your ancestors”

I remember this Rich because those words impacted me so much that I wrote them down.

You used to tell me hilarious industry stories. Near misses and blessings that accrued because of who you are. We had a couple of arguments I remembered this time I owed you some money and you tried to bad me up. Then you called back and said “I’m sorry, can’t lose a friend like you over a grand” That’s who you were Rich. That’s who you are.

I used to wonder what would happen if I hadn’t left the UK Rich, I know we would have been a formidable team within the industry. Your success proved that. I probably would have been a cheerleader. I would have been part of it though.

As I sit here, the tears are coming Rich. I tried to call you yesterday man. I had a crazy deal. A new idea. I needed to run it by you Rich.

In my life. I’ve dealt with loss Rich. You know that. But this hurts man, not you Rich. Not you. You hated taking pictures I don’t even have one of us together.

I tried to call you yesterday Richie.

I love you. I miss you. The industry and the world is a poorer place.

You’ve got me crying into my coffee in Starbucks.

Jedi Master T

February 12th, 2016



  1. Augustine says:

    So sorry for your loss Gmoney. My heartfelt condolences

  2. harrison wanjogu says:

    keep strong at times we loose the ones close to we for us to learn somethn

  3. Hattie says:

    This is sad. Sorry for your loss.May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

  4. Patricia says:

    Pole G. Pole.

  5. Cyndi Rotich says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I know it is painful..may God give you comfort and peace.

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