I Might Have To Kill The Gecko

I Might Have To Kill The Gecko

A few months ago I had a run in with a gecko in my crib (read here: I didn’t kill the Gecko) . It was all about me not killing one of God’s creations that had invaded my house. At the time of writing that article, I was filled with the spirit of God’s love. I was raised as an Anglican, so the words to the hymn “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small” are part of my spiritual DNA.

But that might change.

A gecko (whom I have named Romeo) has taken up residency in my kitchen and we have a interesting relationship. We are respectful of each other, or rather we used to be. Our unwritten agreement was that as long as the light is on, I am in charge of the kitchen, if the light goes off for more than an hour, then it’s safe to say that I have ceded control until the next morning. Also, for those moment when we encounter each other, the unwritten rule is, you retreat to that opening in the skirting board on the kitchen ceiling above the sink. The final rule is that you stay on your side of the kitchen


This arrangement was working fine, but as time went on, I began to notice changes in Romeo’s behaviour. He started to come out earlier, way before our agreed time and even more worrying was the fact that he began to refuse to retreat when we met face to face. Instead Romeo would scurry to wherever he saw fit, behind the fridge, behind this bottle of Jameson that I got from Dublin that I’m keeping for a special occasion that I keep on a shelf above the fridge. In plain language, this gecko has broken our unwritten agreement.

Last week, I woke up at 4am and went to make a cup of coffee. Still bleary eyed and groggy and cursing my choice to do morning radio, I flicked the switch on the kettle. Suddenly out of nowhere, the gecko ran from behind the cereal stand where the coffee sits and flew behind the microwave, I was caught unawares, I screamed like a female dog and dropped my coffee mug.

This is when I knew this house wasn’t big enough for both of us. I am going to kill the gecko.

We have met since then and it’s been weird because I think he knows that I want to end his life, it’s gone back to running under the skirting board when it sees me, but it’s too late, the die has been cast and I have made my decision.

I think life is about boundaries to some extent and we all have to live by them. As independent as we would like to think we are, we are all governed by rules, some that are spoken, others are non verbal and might just be societal expectations. We all have boundaries. In your life, it’s important that the people you love, the people you call friends know there are boundaries. All relationships and friendships must have them or life becomes an emotional free for all and disrespect creeps in. In the same way that I feel disrespected by the gecko, are there people around you who are disrespecting you? If there are, then maybe you need to act too.

I gave the gecko time and space and now Romeo must die.

(I admit, I haven’t really named it Romeo, it just felt like a good way to end this piece)


Jedi Master T

March 2nd, 2017

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