I Don’t Drink Alcohol – Respect that

I Don’t Drink Alcohol – Respect that

I used to drink. I don’t anymore and everyone seems to be having a hard time accepting that. Everywhere I go the conversation is the same

Pal: “What are you drinking?”
Me: “I’ve stoppped”
Pal: “Are you ill? What’s wrong?”
Me: “Nothing”
Pal: “Are you sure?
Me: “Very”
Pal: “Just take one shot”

Just take one shot … the conversation usually dies after that because I walk off or I manage to change the flow but recently it has really got me thinking. We all know that in Kenya there is a drink culture, but I probably never realised how intense it is until I stopped drinking.

I was out last night and it was one of those nights when all my friends were in the club. Every ten steps I made, I had the above conversation and it frustrated me. I’m not playing holier than though, You all know that I’ve had my moments in the club when I’ve been “balling out of control”, but it made me re-examine my own relationship with alcohol. I have never been a heavy drinker, I just now feel sorry for all the people that maybe I’ve made feel bad because they don’t drink.

Interestingly enough, a key component of the Diageo Marketing Code (which is the ethics code of one of the world’s biggest distributors of alcohol – Diageo) is that as part of responsible drink marketing, at no point is drinking to be overtly advertised as being cool, nor are non drinkers to be made to look uncool.

My thing is this. I have decided to stop drinking totally and I appeal to my friends to respect this, as much as I respect your right to get plastered every weekend. I am doing it for the health benefits, hypertension runs in my family and I am trying my best to avoid that like the plague. I don’t want to be popping blood pressure pills the way I saw my parents doing. I remember, whenever I was in Jamaica, having to wake up my grandmother in the morning to take her drugs. Insulin, Blood Pressure, Heart, Painkillers – She was so miserable. I don’t want that life. At the same time, I am walking more, eating better and generally trying a more wholistic view of life. It is a massive change for me, but I relish the challenge.

So the next time you see me in the club, offer me water, like the cheap date I am!



Jedi Master T

January 30th, 2016



  1. sarah mwangi says:

    this is the first time i am reading your blog,and i like it!

  2. Wanjohi says:

    Yoh,G, am trying this too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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