Yup, on the cusp of another New Year, another trip around the sun and just like everyone, each year, I reflect on how I’m feeling in the moment. Right now, I’m learning that each year we survive should come with a gold medal. Life is like the olympic games, 365 days a year and we should all be striving to do our best. We can’t all get gold medals, but we can be in contention, if we seek to maximise our potential. This year, I think I ran a good race.

I’ve also been forced to take a long look at some of the ideals that I’ve held for years, some I’ve had to reinforce, others I’ve had too dismantle. I’ve tried to work on my anger issues … I get angry about stupid shit and in 2016 I began to let that go. Rudyard Kipling said it in his amazing poem “If” … “If all men count with you, but none too much;” – I’m learning that even anger as an emotion denotes an element of care and I am learning that not all people deserve care from me.It sounds cold, but It’s growth, we must not cast pearls in front of swine.

I’m also learning that when people care for you, it is truly a blessing. For a long while after my Grandmother passed I was numb to all of that, the sun went down on my emotions in 2012. Gradually the sun has began to shine again and I am truly thankful for the people who care for me, those who love me and those who have allowed me to love and care for them. Care is twice blessed, it blesses the giver and the receiver. The people who hold special places in my heart know who they are, I’ve even learnt how to tell them. I have real friends here and they know who they are, so to the Mandem – Bless up!

AND I GOT BACK INTO THE GYM!!!! – Man this deserves it’s own paragraph, column EVERYTHING – If there is anything that I am proud of this year, its taking control of my body – Thank you Brian Odina for training me bro, as much as I complain, you keep me so motivated, you are a gift fam!

I made some good business moves, I made some really bad ones. 2016 taught me that sometimes taking people at their word isn’t enough. Just get a lawyer and contracts. In 2016 I also got a manager to handle my business. It’s turning out to be a great decision. I am way less stressed.

I lost my brother Richard Antwi this year and that hit me hard. We were supposed to get old and trade war stories together but it wasn’t to be and I’m sad and thankful at the same time. Thankful that the Most High lent you to us for those 38 years and thankful for every single one of our conversations. “Legacy is important” – You told me that a decade ago and your passing reinforced it. Your legacy will never be forgotten. You truly will always be my brother and a doesn’t pass without you crossing my mind. I also lost a colleague in the craziest circumstances. Natani, every day I leave the studio I expect to see you seated there having breakfast. Your legacy too shines on. To my brothers and sister who have lost loved ones this year just know that you’ll find the strength to get by, sometimes its gets dark, but you’ll be ok.

As we enter 2017, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support over this year. I’m humbled that I am still here, living the dreams of an 13 year old in Kingston, Jamaica who just wanted to be on the radio. All these years later here I am, still looking forward to my next show.

I wish for you the best and I’ll try to become a better version of me as each day goes by. Let’s share good times in 2017, InshaAllah, lets love a little more, laugh a little more and heal our surroundings and by extension the world.

I wish you everything that your heart desires, but above all of this. I wish you love.

Happy New Year.


Jedi Master T

December 31st, 2016

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