Guy Accidentally Throws His Wife’s $400,000 Wedding Ring.

Guy Accidentally Throws His Wife’s $400,000 Wedding Ring.

Let’s start with this, who buys their wife a $400,000 wedding ring(s)?? If you’re in Kenya, that a clean Kshs 40,000,000.

Imagine how much you can do with forty million? So I stumble over this article where, apparently, a man in Missouri accidentally threw his wife’s $400,000 wedding ring.

Heres’s what happened, a 54-year-old married man was in the kitchen doing his own thing. Probably a clean freak, he saw a paper towel on the kitchen counter and threw it in the trash like any normal clean person would do (As his wife was preparing breakfast). He then proceeded to take the bag out and personally handed it to what they call a ‘sanitation worker’.

What he didn’t realize was that his wife Carla’s $400,000 wedding band and anniversary ring were both in that towel. Being the normal man that he is, he walks back to the house probably whistling or hamming to one of his fav jams.

Fast forward now. So even before he had closed the door behind him, he saw his wife was running towards him it’s like she was literally running a marathon (exaggerated a bit though). After screaming to him what he had done, they now both started pursuing the truck… On foot…

Luckily the truck stopped and he was convince the workers to sift through 10 tons of garbage (you can already imagine how gross that truck is smelling. With stale food and probably even diapers full of sh*t).

After about 25 minutes of searching, they recovered the missing rings. What a lucky guy!

Kylo Rendition

March 17th, 2016

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