Goodbye Kendrick Lamar, Hello Kendrick Lamar

Goodbye Kendrick Lamar, Hello Kendrick Lamar

If Beyonce pissed white folk off last week, then Kendrick Lamar created a new form of slavery at the 2016 Grammy’s. In a performance that will be analyzed over and over again, Kendrick completed a transition that we have seen unfold in front of our eyes.

The Kendrick Lamar that we knew is dead. That’s right, dead, but don’t be alarmed. Death is the highest point of transition and that’s exactly what has happened to Old Kendrick.

The transition isn’t new. We all knew he had skills, we all knew that bar for bar he was more than a contender, we knew he was fearless. We learnt that on Control. Kendrick the Rapper is dead. What we now have is Kendrick the Artist. What he did on that stage was art. Yes, it was black, yes it was deep, but more importantly, it was ART.


We love it.


Jedi Master T

February 18th, 2016

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