I’m a great believer in energy … okay that sounds a bit open ended, so let me elaborate. I believe that we all operate on personal vibrations, personal feelings. I think that as much as are all human and we are all alive, our connection to one another is more than just the brotherhood of man. I truly believe we communicate via energy fields and our spirits.

I know this sounds metaphysical, but bear with me…

Have you ever met someone for the first time and something has just been off about them? Or have you ever met someone for the first time and you’ve connected immediately? This has happened to all of us. Have you ever sensed that all is not well with a friend, a sibling or even a lover way before you’ve been told and despite the distance between you, you just knew? To me, this is energy, this is your spirit connecting in ways that you can’t explain.

Recently my spirit has been ungovernable, warning me, cajoling me and sometimes even forcing me to pay attention to the spiritual omens that we are given along this journey of life. As I have gotten older, It’s as if I can hear the universe speaking to me in a language that sometimes frightens me with its clarity.

“Go placidly, amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence”

Silence …

Quiet …

Peace …

Today I deleted all the social media and messaging apps from my phones and computers because I realise that am being drowned by data. Overloaded completely, emotionally especially. Social media and instant messaging means that everyones pain is immediately visible, including my own. A quote on instagram can engender a flurry of DM’s, a status update on Facebook can have inboxes popping ” Are you okay” and of course you say “I’m fine” because you’re strong (see previous post), but during my own dark days, like today, here I am struggling to pull myself up out of this hole. I don’t think that I am the only one who goes through this. It’s not that you want solutions to fall from the sky or you want to find the answers outside of yourself, but sometimes, you just need to right energy from the right people.

We need to learn how to connect with each other, we need to learn how to care more than just dropping a DM “You cool?” – we need to understand that people go through so many things that they don’t speak of. We have to make a commitment to our commitments, we need to be committed to elevating ourselves and those we cherish because one day they will not be there …. and we will hypocritically speak about how great and how good they were despite our not being there with them as they navigating their storms of life.

Robin Williams kept us laughing for decades, then he killed himself.



Jedi Master T

February 22nd, 2017

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  1. VICTOR OMONDI says:

    That energy is what fuels our everyday life G, I can relate to that completely. We need to appreciate more those around us, those who are there with and for us. For who knows one day they may be gone and tell a lie of how great they were and actually we were never there in real life. Positive energy, good vibes all round. Thanks for this article

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