Don’t Put Me In That Muthaf***ing Whatsapp Group!

Don’t Put Me In That Muthaf***ing Whatsapp Group!

We all know someone who spends too much time on Whatsapp. Someone who thinks it’s cool to randomly add you to groups, without asking you first. When it’s not a family group, its a “Class of 96” group. When it’s not that, it’s a “Prayer Warriors Circle”  We all know that mankind has forgotten how to relate in REAL LIFE. We also know that we have surrendered our social interactions to Social Media; the sad thing is that we have also forgotten that we aren’t homogenous, cut out figures that have a desire to  be lumped together willy nilly. For example, there are members of my family that I speak to daily, some weekly, others, only at weddings and funerals. Then, all of a sudden, here comes “Cousin X” who decides that it’s a great idea to put all the family members (the one he has numbers for) into a “Family Group” ….


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So let’s break that down. The uncle whom you resent for whupping your ass when you were a kid is there, so is the fly, slightly older “cousin” who may or may not have touched you inappropriately when you were kids playing “Doctors and Nurses” (depending on whether you liked it or not). The dodgy cousin whom NO ONE talks too because he’s just weird. The Aunt who prays every ten seconds and finds her comfort in the “Lord” (and the whisky bottle she has hidden by her bed)  catch my drift? All of a sudden, magically you are all supposed to  just get along.




And if you have the gonads to leave the “Family” group, be prepared to be referred to as “the one who left the group” … Forever.

This an appeal, before you add some one to a group on whatsapp. At least find out if they want to be in that group. You wouldn’t build a house and throw random people in there, nor would you go to a club where it’s guaranteed you don’t know anyone (under you were on some undercover mission – you know yourselves…).

Its 2016. Let’s leave random whatsapp groups where they belong.








Jedi Master T

January 19th, 2016

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