David Bowie Dies aged 69

David Bowie Dies aged 69

For many new school cats news of the death of David Bowie will feel like a “who was he?” moment. Apart from being a pioneer of the Glam Rock movement and being married to the ageless Iman, Bowie also contributed numerous samples to Hip Hop.

Jay Z, Kanye, the late J-Dilla and even Vanilla Ice (yes that Vanilla Ice) owe some of their best musical moments to Bowie samples. Who can forget when Diddy and Mase sampled “Let’s Dance” …..


and turned it into the massive club smash “Been around the World”


David Bowie will be remembered for his contribution to music and will be missed by legions of fans worldwide.

Mr Bowie. We salute you. Walk good.



Jedi Master T

January 11th, 2016

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