Are You Comfortable? Don’t Be!!…. Says Mwalimu Rachel – Guest Post

Are You Comfortable? Don’t Be!!…. Says Mwalimu Rachel – Guest Post


As human beings we are wired to love the comfort zone…and I’m not talking about the riddim. Lol! We don’t like it when we get a new accountant, hate the fact that the meal menu has been flipped, or our barber has been replaced by some guy wielding a pair of scissors. It gets us hot and bothered.

In our comfort zone, we feel secure, things are more familiar to us and that assures us of certainty. We step out of the zone and it’s like taking a risk, our hearts beat faster, we are on edge and not very sure what to expect.

Makes you want to ask, “Then why leave the comfort zone and subject myself to all that?” Because you deserve better!

Think about it. You wake up the same time every morning-or afternoon (let’s not assume we all wake up the same hours) we use the exact same route going to work and back home, and if you have a meal time table in your home, then you eat the exact same meal every Monday or Thursday. Isn’t it time to break the cycle and shake things up a bit? I think so.

The New Year gives us an awesome opportunity to do just that. I remember reading from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant and he wrote on changing our mindset towards life in general and in so doing, changing our risk appetite in business or investments. Take a different route home for instance. Sounds simple yes? Then I thought to myself… In this Nairobi? Change routes? With this jam? Won’t I get jacked? What if I get pressed and I’m far from my house because I wanted to feel more alive? Nah man, this guy doesn’t know Africa!

Then I looked at my life and discovered I was deep in the comfort zone. So deep I had the keys to the damn place! So the next day, just to prove to myself that I was not like “those guys” who are afraid to live, I got in my car and used Upper Hill to get home and not Mbagathi Way. What a rush! Such thrill! I felt so alive! Then another thought popped in my head. Now what if I got out of the comfort zone in my love life? The possibilities are endless!

My point is this. This life is short. Only WE hold ourselves back from where we want and ought to be. We get comfortable with our salaries instead of opening that bakery we have always wanted. We keep making New Year resolutions instead of doing them. We make love the same way. We eat at the same restaurant. Is that living to the fullest?

And so I challenge you today. Make those basic changes in your life. Shop elsewhere, change gyms or your work out routine, switch sitting positions at the office, say yes instead of no and vice versa. Live. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You just never know what amazing experiences await you.

If you’d like to hear me speak more on leaving the comfort zone as I give my life experiences, please join me this Saturday 16th Jan at All Saints Cathedral (Trinity Centre) where I shall be the key speaker, thanks to Centonomy. Entry is free!


This has been fun! Thank you G Money! Bless.

Jedi Master T

January 13th, 2016

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