An Apple iOS update that might save your life.

An Apple iOS update that might save your life.

The Apple Eco System can be a bit of an addiction.  once you buy a Mac Book, you’ll probably want an iPhone and once you get an iPhone (and the reflected coolness) you’ll probably get an iPad. As a long suffering Apple-holic, I personally hold those truths to be self-evident. I love my collection of Apple toys, but there is one issue I have with my gadgets. I am constantly adjusting the screen light settings at night. Even with Auto-Brightness selected, I also have to adjust to prevent eye-strain. Someone at Apple must have been having the same issue. Introducing “Night Shift”



Now how it works is by controlling the amount of “blue light” that is emitted from you phone. Blue light is a by product of artificial light that has been linked with many health ailments, from obesity to cancer. So basically blue light isn’t fun. (read all about the negative effects of “blue light” here)

Android users have had access to an app called “Flux” which reduces blue light for some time now and Apple users will be happy to know that Apple’s version of it called “Night Shift” will be  built into the soon to released iOS 9.3 update. The inventors of Flux are crying foul that Apple have basically stolen their invention. We don’t care as long, in fact we are happy that Apple wants us to stay alive (so that we can buy more Apple products).

Jedi Master T

January 18th, 2016

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