Am I Allowed To Say I Like Kanye’s New Album?

Am I Allowed To Say I Like Kanye’s New Album?

Shhhhhh, don’t READ this to loudly .. I like Kanye’s new album, The Life Of Pablo. I need to pause for that to sink into your mental …




You know, Kanye’s new album? … Wait, before you sentence me to a lifetime of watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, let me explain.

I guess I have a love, hate affair with hip hop. It’s safe to say that I’m an OG in the game. I grew up on hip hop before MC Hammer was broke, I can recite lines from Rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, I remember when LL Cool J was undeniably the GOAT. I Saw Hip Hop go out West, I saw it come home to the East Coast, I remember when it moved down South.

I was on the block with Jay, looking through Nas’s project window, I even understood when Juvenile asked “Y’unnerstan?”. When Weezy was a Hot Boy, when CMB “re’upped” with Universal for a hundred milli, I was there. When Master P make you say Ugh. Before C-Murder went to prison, I was there. I was there when Snoop and Dre made magic, I was there Snoop and Pharrell made magic, I was there when Snoop stood up to Suge. I was there.

Now why am I saying all this and what does it have to do with Kanye? Simple. Hip Hop has never stood still and anyone who expects it to is crazy. We like what we like and we like it for different reasons. When Dizzee Rascal dropped Boy in the Corner, Dizzee himself described it as “music for the end of the world” – Many people didn’t get it and some people even acted like they got it in order to look cool. It was a matter of taste. We all know what we look for in the artists that we like.

I have never ever looked at Kanye as the quintessential lyricist. Yeah he says some cool things sometimes, but would I get a Kanye album and be like “let me kick back and get blown away by some dope ass lyrics” – Hell No. I would, however, get a Kanye album, put on some good headphone as be prepared to be blown away sonically and The Life of Pablo doesn’t disappoint in that regard. As my good friend Semtex said to me yesterday “i’m not religious, but Ultralight Beams baptized me”. I feel the same way. The melody and harmonies almost sent me to church; but not only that. “Famous”, “Feedback”, “Highlights”, “Waves” “FML” in fact most of the album gave me what I need from Kanye. Some dope ass production and a few lines that I chuckle at. Sorry, but if I want to listen to a lyricist, let me holler at Kendrick, or Jermaine Cole or even Drake (sometimes).

I like THE LIFE OF PABLO, maybe my expectations of Kanye are different from yours.

What do you think about the album?

Let me know.

Jedi Master T

February 19th, 2016

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One Comment

  1. Nick says:

    Kanye makes it too hard for us to dislike him!!!

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